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OMG again these tasks do not feel as daunting as they did.  This is only my second class with Franklin and I was starting to feel down on doing research.  This is wonderful.....I can not begin to thank you!”

~ Student, HUMN 305, from a chat session.
This is one of the reasons I am still a student here.
~ Comment card
If it were not for members of the library staff, I might have given up.
~ Comment card
I love coming to the library because everyone is so cheerful and kind!
~ Comment card
I’m feeling better. Thanks for bringing me in off the ledge!
~ Student, WRIT 130 Research Paper
Well, thank you! For your help, your kindness, and for helping me learn something new once again…onto my papers!
~ Student, MGMT 312 Principles of Management
Thank you. You are a life saver. I was actually thinking about changing my topic because I couldn't locate any articles. I'm now a very happy student! Thank you again.
~ Student, WRIT 320 Business & Professional Writing after discovering CQ Researcher
I just wanted to say how “GREAT”, “WONDERFUL”, and “USABLE” the new, improved online library system is. I just had a virtual conversation recently with a current professor about it. While I still have to get a feel for it and become savvy in using it, it is 200% better than the previous one. I can say without a doubt that this upgrade gives me a greater return on the investment that I have made in choosing Franklin as my university. I am a distance student, so I depend on having technologies that work for me and are intuitive (to a degree). This is a step in the right direction. Thanks!
“Found it. Thank you so much! That was so much easier than how I have been doing it for years. Thanks again!”
~ Student, HRM 300 Human Resources Management after learning how to use the Journal Finder to locate an article based on its citation


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