Databases provide information in the form of journal and magazine articles, industry profiles, country information, human resource management sources, and business information including company profiles, annual reports, and financial ratios. Information is presented in multiple formats, including HTML, PDFs, streaming video, images, and more.

Why would I use library databases?

Databases allow you to locate relevant information to successfully complete your research and assignments. The information is organized in a manner for easy access and includes reliable, scholarly, historically relevant, and diverse information. Online databases give you access to a wealth.

Databases by Name

A comprehensive, alphabetical list of the databases available to Franklin University users through the library.

Databases by Major/Course

A listing of databases related to your particular major or course and provides relevant database recommendations based on the Franklin curriculum.

Databases by Type

If you need a specific type of material, such as an eBook, a newspaper, or a dissertation, look here for that categorized list of databases.

Databases – Top Ten

These are your favorite databases based on usage statistics.

Journal Finder

Looking for a specific journal title but don't know which database to select?  Use this tool to search full text databases for specific journal titles.

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Electronic resources, such as; journals, books, and databases in the Libraries' collection are subject to license agreements that govern their access and use. In accordance with the fair use provisions of the copyright law, library users may search, view, and browse these resources; and may print or download excerpts of reasonable quantity for educational or scholarly purposes. Use of these resources is restricted to currently enrolled students, staff and faculty and walk-in visitors for the purpose of non-commercial, Franklin-related teaching, learning, research and administration work only.  It is not permitted to facilitate database access to any other person(s) for any other purpose.  Commercial use and systematic or excessive downloading, copying, or distributing of information are prohibited. Users are individually responsible for compliance with these terms. The library, university and our vendors monitor the usage of the resources and may cut off access for the entire Franklin user group if the license terms are violated. If you have questions about using a particular resource, please contact us.

Notice for OhioLINK databases: All data transmitted to, from, or through the OhioLINK service (including but not limited to search queries, record requests, and similar information) is made available to and accessible by the State of Ohio. All such data may be used by the State of Ohio (including all of its agencies) for any purpose, subject only to OhioLINK policies and to applicable state and federal laws. In addition, all such data may be available to the public pursuant to a public records request. You are urged to review the OhioLINK privacy policy located at before using the OhioLINK service. 


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