Course Reserves

Course Reserves are materials, usually textbooks, that are placed on reserve by Franklin University Faculty for student use.  Course Reserves are available in an effort to assist students with assignments as well as to reduce the costs of textbooks and other materials. Course Reserves are located at the library circulation desk. Course Reserve checkouts are allowed during library hours only and consist of:

  • Books owned by the Franklin University Library that are assigned as required or supplemental readings for Franklin courses.
  • Faculty members' personal copies of materials for their courses.


Most Course Reserve items can only be checked out for short-term, in-Library use to current Franklin University students, faculty, and staff.  Borrowers must present either a photo ID (ex. Driver’s License) or a student ID to check out a Course Reserve. Course Reserves are only available to students in Columbus through our main location in downtown Columbus.

You may search the catalog by course or by lead faculty member to see if your textbook is available on Course Reserve. Not all textbooks are on Course Reserve. If a textbook is unavailable, see textbooks for more options.

Photocopying guidelines

Borrowers are permitted to make photocopies of Course Reserves. Photocopying of materials placed on Course Reserve is governed by Federal Law, according to Title 17 (United States Code), Section 108 (see The person photocopying a copyrighted work(s) is responsible for any infringement of this code. It is not permissible to copy an entire book!

For Faculty:

Placing materials on Course Reserve

Lead Faculty members may place course textbook or other relevant materials on Course Reserve. The library may request that textbooks for Course Reserve use be provided by the Faculty member to the library. Lead Faculty may place other materials on Course Reserve, including their own items like articles in print, non-textbooks, etc.

To place materials on reserve, Lead Faculty members must complete the Course Reserve Request form entirely and send it to the library with the materials. Materials will be kept on Course Reserve until the Lead Faculty member requests that the library remove the materials. Faculty may choose to have the items returned to them or choose to donate the items to the library collection.

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