Wireless Network FAQs

Where are the Wireless Network access points?

Wireless access is available in all buildings at Franklin University's main campus in downtown Columbus.


How do I connect and login to Franklin University's Wireless Network?

Use these instructions to connect to the wireless network. In short, open the wireless settings on the device you are using, connect to the "Franklin" network, then open a browser to login using your Franklin credentials. Public users may request a temporary wireless password upon presenting photo identification at the Circulation Desk. If you need further help, please contact the Help Desk at 614.947.6222 or toll free at 1.866.435.7006.


Is the wireless network secure?

Wireless networks are inherently insecure. Franklin University makes no claim as to the security of information transmitted over a wireless connection. By logging in you agree to use this wireless service at your own risk.


Can I use my firewall with the Wireless Network?

If you have a personal firewall (such as the firewall built-in to Windows XP), you may attempt to access Franklin University's Wireless Network with your firewall enabled. However, if you have difficulty accessing the Wireless Network, you may need to reconfigure or disable your firewall. If you experience problems, please consult your firewall documentation.

Franklin University does value your security. Once you are connected to our Wireless Network you will be behind two firewalls that serve to protect our network and users from malicious attacks. For more information relating to the security of our Wireless Network, please see Is the Wireless Network secure?


Can I print from the Wireless Network?

Franklin University's Wireless Network does not support printing. If you wish to print a document you may save the document to a flash drive or email it to yourself and print the document from one of our wired workstations.


Where can I get help?

You can contact the Franklin University Help Desk by email at helpdesk@franklin.edu or call 614-947-6222 for assistance.

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