The Franklin University Nationwide Library appreciates all donations given to us in keeping with our Mission Statement. Your donations help enhance and enrich the library collection used by the student(s), faculty, and staff at Franklin University.

Donation Criteria

Materials donated should be suitable to and within the scope of the library and the current programs offered at Franklin University. All materials donated to the library will be reviewed in accordance with the current library Collection Development Guidelines.

The library accepts the donation of these materials:

  • Books
  • Books on CD (non-music)
  • DVD’s
  • Gift Subscriptions to the library in the form of journals, magazines, or newspapers

The library is unable to accept donations that are:

  • In poor physical condition
  • Outdated content or formats
  • Journals, magazines, or newspapers, unless they are current or a gift subscription
  • Unrelated to the current programs being offered at Franklin University

The library is unable to pick up donations. Please bring your donations directly to the library.

Donation Acceptance

The library reserves the right to accept or decline donations. We will determine the retention of the donated material. Items not added to the collection will be handled as deemed appropriate. For non-material donations to the library, please contact University Advancement at Franklin University.

Donation Form

Please submit the Donation Form with any donation(s) that you bring to the library. You will receive a copy of this form to keep for your records. Your signature on the Donation Form acknowledges your understanding that all donations become property of the library.

Tax Deductible Donations and Appraisals

Donations given to the library are tax deductible. Should you wish to claim any donation, you must place a value on the donated materials. Due to federal regulations, the library is unable to assist with any type of appraisal of donations. Appraisals are the sole responsibility of the donor. You may obtain a tax receipt for your donations from University Advancement.

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